Why Should You Consume Turmeric On A Daily Basis?

February 1, 2018

Here are some great reasons why you should include turmeric in your daily meals.

HowCurcumin In Turmeric Powder Helps You

The curcumin in turmeric is said to be more potent than turmeric itself. The curcumin content in turmeric is only about 3 percent of the weight of turmeric. Many people tend to isolate the curcumin content in turmeric in order to put it to better use.And due to the curcumin content in turmeric there are many health benefits to enjoy.

Turmeric Helps Prevent Cancer

Out of the many positive uses of turmeric, prevention of prostate cancer has been proven to be the most important benefit. According to research, turmeric has proven to terminate the development of the currently growing cancers in the prostate gland and also kill the cancerous cells. Many medical researchers have discovered that the active components found in turmeric makes this glorified spice a great way to protect oneself from tumors that induced from radiation. Turmeric also has an effect that is protective against other types of cancers such as carcinomas in the colon, T-cell leukemia and even breast carcinomas. Where to find turmeric powder should not be a problem. You can find this miracle spice in any supermarket.

Turmeric Is Responsible For Relieving Arthritis

The anti-inflammatory properties are are responsible for curing both rheumatoid arthritis as well as osteoarthritis. Also the components in one’s body which are harmful are destroyed by the antioxidant properties of turmeric. Research has shown that those who consumed turmeric powder on a frequent basis experienced more relief from inflammation as well as joint pain.

Consumption Of Turmeric Regulates Diabetes

Turmeric has been proven to help regulate the insulin amounts in your body as well. This is considered as a way to improve the control of glucose levels and it also has an increased effect on the diabetes medication you are currently taking. Plus there is another significant use of turmeric is its efficiency in assisting to decrease insulin resistance. This helps prevent the initial steps of diabetes which is type 2. Nevertheless, do remember that when combined with strong varieties of medication, turmeric can result in extremely quick lowering of blood sugar or hypoglycemia. Therefore it is always good to consult with a professional before you consume turmeric.

It Reduces The Levels Of Cholesterol

Medical researchers have proven that basically adding turmeric for seasoning purposes in your dishes has the effect of reducing the levels of cholesterol serum. As experience reveals, high levels of cholesterol can be damaging to one’s health, resulting in cardiovascular diseases.

It Is A Great Supplement For Your Immune System

Turmeric contains an ingredient which stimulates immunity of the body. The agents in turmeric that are antiviral, anti fungal as well as antibacterial are responsible for strengthening the immune system. A stronger immune system will fight off any contagious disease. And if you have a slight cold or cough you will feel much better when you mix up a spoonful of powdered turmeric with glass full of warm milk.

Tips for Buying Barbeque Accessories This Summer

December 21, 2017

The summer holiday season is finally here! You know what that means—pool parties and great evenings in the backyard barbequing and mingling. Barbequing is an essential summer activity in Australia so you had better have your accessories ready. Barbeque accessories not only make grilling at home easy and convenient, they also make great gifts during this holiday season. Here are several tips for buying barbeque accessories for personal use or for gifting:

Find Great Brands for Products

Don’t be a cheapskate when it comes to buying essential barbeque accessories like tongs, covers, and skewers. Cheap stuff breaks easily or becomes unusable sooner than most. The best way to save money and end up with a good product is to choose trusted brands from a local store. For example, buy Weber accessories Melbourne from an online Aussie store than from a Chinese seller on eBay to make sure you end up with products worth the money you spend.

Save Money with Charcoal Grills

When it comes to grills, you have two options: propane or charcoal. If you want to save money, go with charcoal grills, which typically cost less than propane gas ones. Charcoal grills also add excellent flavour to meats depending on the type of wood chips used, such as mesquite or hickory. If you prefer low costs and mouth-watering traditional flavours, charcoal grills are the best option.

Buy Chimney Starters for Charcoal Grills

Worried about how much time it takes to light up a charcoal grill? Then add a chimney starter to your purchase. Chimney starters simplify the process of lighting up a charcoal grill and these accessories are much more convenient to use than lighter fluid.

Buy a Reusable Propane Gas Cylinder

Not all propane gas grills come with cylinders that can be refilled. Reusable cylinders are highly convenient because these are designed to be portable. Also, you can save money on refills instead of buying new gas cylinders. You can refill even when the cylinder runs out of gas in the middle of a cookout. That’s peak convenience.

Get Lava Rocks for Lasting Heat

Propane gas grills heat up fast, which means these burn fuel fast as well. To make the heat last longer, get lack rocks to put over the heat. Including a bed of lava rocks also makes the grilling process more traditional and akin to charcoal. Unlike charcoal, lava rocks are reusable and don’t cause ash or smoke stains. These don’t require cleaning up afterwards or preparing in advance either.

Do Get a Fire Extinguisher

Don’t start the grill without a fire extinguisher nearby. This season, make sure you barbeque safely. You can even gift small fire extinguishers because these items are essential for safety.

BBQ Grill Mat Sheet (Buy1-Get1 Set) They are made from the highest grade non-stick material.  100% PFOA free premium FDA approved PTFE coating just like your favorite nonstick pan. They are specially designed to cook your food evenly in temperatures up to 500°F. Easily cut the BBQ sheets to any size or shape to fit your needs. Use as a cooking sheet, vegetable basket, aluminum foil pan liner, baking sheet, microwave liner, drip catcher, camp grill, dehydrator sheet and of course a grilling mat.

Buy Silicone Brushes Instead of Nylon

Ditch the nylon bristle brushes and choose silicone brushes for this season’s barbeque. Silicone brushes are better at evenly distributing sauce or marinating mix, unlike the nylon versions. Also, these brushes are easy to clean and sterilize. Silicone brushes are dishwasher safe and you can use them for baking needs as well.

Enjoy a great barbeque this season by buying the best accessories using the advice given above.

What makes a good waiter

December 20, 2017

When you go to a restaurant the first thing you look for is a good place to sit and a good dining experience on the whole. Now imagine if the first impression and experience you have is of a bad waiter that is rather welcoming and unpleasant on the whole! Definitely not going to visit that place again are you? So one of the most important things that any owner of a good dinner, needs to focus on is, good customer service and welcoming employees that makes the client want to visit the place again. So what exactly makes a waiter a good one?

The grand welcome

What any customer would expect when they enter any restaurant in Geelong is, a grand and warm welcome. This would definitely be a motivator for them to visit the place once again. However if it weren’t this and you were to set a rather grumpy employee to welcome the clients, then you might definitely have to kiss goodbye to that sale target! So evaluate your employees and pick out the best for THE spot, otherwise you could always push them to be welcoming with the right kind of motivation!

The ultimate efficiency

A good waiter shall always make sure the tables are clean and set for any client to walk in and settle down. They would also be willing to take that extra step to walk the client to his or her table. So make sure that you incorporate such practices with in your employees as well. This way you might even be able to score an extra star and reach the five star goal in no time!  Also do make sure that as soon your clients are all settled, offer them the menu card. And give them some time to make up their minds and be ready to take their order as soon as their done. Make sure to know the menu as well, this way you could give them some tips and recommendations which they would be sure to appreciate.

Being professional and friendly

Make sure to remain professional and also friendly while serving the customers. Remember you are not a robot, but human with emotions and feelings. Incorporate it to describe the burst of flavours the client would experience if they were to choose a particular dish. Be nice and supportive and most importantly be confident with whatever you are dealing with.

A good waiter is always concerned of the client and his well-being and overall experience with the diner and the food that is served. So be that kind of waiter and you’ll be the main reason why there would be clients flowing in!



Wine Tips: Everything You Always Wanted To Learn About the Beverage but Were Afraid To Ask

November 22, 2017

Whether you’re a new-comer to wine drinking or just curious as to what all the fuss is about, you will soon discover that wine tasting and drinking is as much an experience as it is an art. From the vineyards that the wine originates from to the families behind the names that appear on the labels, it may seem like a business on one hand but it is also a time consuming exercise. However, meet any sommelier and they’ll run out of adjectives to describe the joy derived from crafting and nurturing the spirit that is bottled and savoured. Read on to learn more about the intricacies of wine crafting and why it’s so special.

Wine bottle

Where Does Wine Come From?

Wine is derived from the fermentation process used to extract the juice from natural grapes. While technically, wine could be produced from any fruit such as berries or apples, most wines are made using grapes. Beer on the other hand, is produced through the fermentation of brewed grains and malts. So in short, beer is made of fermented grains while wine comes from the fermented juice of grapes and other fruit.

Estate Wine and Vineyard Wines – Is There A Difference?

Yes, there is a difference. Those labelled estate wines are produced in only a few vineyards. However as long as the vineyards belong and are controlled by a single estate it can be termed an “estate” wine. For instance, the Castelli estate wines are a popular choice and most of its wines come from the many winegrowing regions in South Western Australia, where each style of wine is harvested according to the region’s climatic compatibility and bottled entirely on the estate’s property.
There are also wineries that produce wine from vineyards that are not controlled by them, and these could be considered vineyard wines.

Are Wine Grapes The Same As Those In The Grocery?

The grapes used in the production of wine are much different to those you see at the grocery store. Wine grapes have a lot more seeds and the skin on the fruit is much thicker. While they can be eaten, they are not meant for consumption as the high sugar content used in the fermentation process turns them into alcohol. The grapes are actually a specialized species called VitisVinifera and there are more than a thousand varieties in the Vinifera family growing under different conditions. The most common species is used for the Cabernet Sauvignon style of wine production.

Origin behind the Term “Vintage”

You may have heard connoisseurs of wine referring to a particular bottle of wine as ‘vintage’. As wine grapes take an entire year to ripen, wine production only takes place once a year. If the word were to be broken down – the word ‘vint’ refers to ‘winemaking’ and ‘age’ refers to the year of production. This is why whenever you see a vintage year marked on the label – it refers to the year the grapes were plucked and made into the wine contained in the bottle.   In Australia, the harvesting period takes place between February and April.

(Bottle Photography)

What Does Non-Vintage (NV) Wine Mean?

For those wines that don’t have a vintage year on its label, you will notice the letters ‘NV’. This means ‘Non-Vintage’, meaning the wine has been produced using several vintage wines together and does not belong to a single year of production.

Wine making and tasting is a fascinating subject and the above pointers are just a little introduction to get you started on learning more about this industry.

Tips for a Great Lunch Date

October 26, 2017

Now, when most people think of a first date or any date really, they automatically start planning for either coffee, drinks at a bar, or dinner. This has become a time honoured tradition. However, these settings can also cause a lot of anxiety since it is easy to read too much into the situation or the experience can be nerve-wracking. If you want to set the tone for a fun yet relaxed date, you should really be considering a lunch date. There are so many options available to you and yet you don’t have to deal with any pressure. Here are a few tips to make this a truly memorable experience:

Choose the Right Spot

As you can imagine, one of the most important things that you can do is to choose the right restaurant. This is why you should put some serious thought into the place that you are going to dine at. If this is your first date, you should typically avoid going somewhere that is very fancy or elegant. Not only are you going to be burning a hole in your wallet, there is a good chance that both of you will be quite uncomfortable in such a formal setting. Instead, look to your local Townsville lunch spots. Since these exude a more comfortable air, you will both feel freer to laugh, talk, and have a good time.

Look at the Food Options

It can be a little difficult to eat and impress someone at the same time. This is mostly because you feel self-conscious about every mouth that you take. This is why you should go through the menu ahead of time and find some date-friendly food. This means avoiding anything that could splash or spill on you as you are eating. Also, you may want to stay away from restaurants that only focus on sandwiches and wraps. While these may seem easy to nibble on, they can also fall apart mid-way through the meal. At the same time, make sure that there is a wide array of dishes to choose from. This is particularly important if you are not all that familiar with your date and aren’t sure what they like.

Decide on The Right Time

Even though you want your date to be a bit more casual than most, you still don’t want to be shouting at each across the table, just to be heard. This is why you need to put in a little more thought when deciding on what time you should eat. As a rule of thumb, you may want to avoid the lunch rush hour that takes place regardless of whether it is a weekday or weekend. You should schedule your date either a little earlier or a little later than this. Of course, make sure that the time is still appropriate for a mid-day meal.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that just because it is a date in the middle of the day, doesn’t mean that it can’t be romantic. You can add sentimental value by showing up with a single rose or doing something small but romantically inclined.

INSTAGRAM HOW TO: Food Photography

October 2, 2017

Sharing three steps to master the perfect food photo/flatlay on Instagram! You don’t need expensive equipment or be a professional photographer. All you need in your smartphone, yummy food and natural lighting. Make sure to TAG me so I can see your mad food photography skills on Instagram

Food Blogging

August 23, 2017

Writing about food may not seem as easy as it sounds, yet people all over the country are making careers out of writing about food. Meet one Iowa resident who is doing just that.

How to Write a Food Review

April 2, 2017

The advent of the Internet has given rise to an ever-changing yet highly lucrative industry that is rapidly growing every day: review websites. From dog sitters to dentists, it seems there are websites to review just about anything you can think of. One of the biggest sectors of review websites is restaurants; there are endless restaurant review websites dedicated solely to helping consumers discover the best eateries near them (and avoid those that aren t worth the money).

Millions of amateur foodies and casual diners alike have illustrated genuine consumer goodwill by taking to the web to share their best and worst eating experiences. If you re eager to share your culinary hits and misses, here s how to write a compelling restaurant review that can t be ignored.